Spacious Skies Charter School

For Project Based Learning

– Opening Fall 2021 –

Spacious Skies, a project-based learning school, guarantees each child a quality education by providing joyful and challenging learning experiences in a safe and caring environment.


Spacious Skies is a free public K-8 charter school that opens up the world to students in all its beauty and wonder.

In our first year, Spacious Skies will serve students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. We will increase a grade level every year until we reach 8th grade.

Spacious Skies at Glance

  • School day: M-T and Th-F 8:00-3:30; W 8:00-1:30
  • Before and after school care (school open from 6:30am-6:00pm)
  • Emphasis on whole-child development
  • Designated blocks for language arts and math instruction
  • Small class sizes for personalized learning

Our Values

Enduring reverence for children and childhood

We recognize childhood as a stage in development and believe it should not be rushed. Students at Spacious Skies are immersed in developmentally appropriate programs and lessons when taking into consideration age, interest, and ability.

Steadfast respect for parents as educational partners

We look at families through a strengths-based lens and demonstrate empathy and understanding in all our interactions. We partner with families in meaningful ways that serve to enhance students’ educational experiences and ensure their success.

Profound trust in teachers as professionals

Teachers at Spacious Skies work collaboratively and purposefully toward increased student learning and school improvement. Teachers are leaders of improved instruction and are designers of curriculum and lessons.

Deep understanding of how children learn

We are dedicated to ongoing study of children and how they learn. We employ methods that are appropriate for children and the content.

Spacious Skies Thinkering Lab RSVP

Play Street Museum Colorado Springs
7075 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Please note that all events are free, including admission, and held at Play Street Museum.  Feel free to sign up for any events you’d like! Just let us know ahead of time if your plans change so we can open a spot for someone else who might be on the waiting list.

Valentine’s Day Card Marking

Saturday, February 6, 2021

from 11:30-1:00

3D Valentine’s Day Card Marking – participants explore card making, symmetry, and dimension as they make 3D Valentine’s cards.

Bouncy Ball

Saturday, February 20

from 2:00-3:30

Students will make a bouncy ball while learning about the chemical reaction of polymerization. We will have a contest to see whose ball bounces the highest.

Color Exploration

Saturday, March 13

from 11:30-1:00

Younger kids will explore the color wheel including primary and secondary colors while the older kids will conduct a paper chromatography experiment.

Owl Pellet Investigation

Saturday, March 27

from 11:30-1:00

Participants dissect an owl pellet to discover the owl’s diet.

Using a project-based learning model, we will offer our diverse student population real-world learning experiences that are both challenging and joyful.

Using a project-based learning model, we will offer our diverse student population real-world learning experiences that are both challenging and joyful.

project-based learning

As students engage in relevant lessons, they will enhance their personal, social, and intellectual capacities. With our child-centered focus and broad-based curriculum, Spacious Skies is a much-needed option for families in the Pikes Peak region.

Want to Enroll?

We are currently accepting Intent to Enroll (ITE) forms. Parents must request enrollment into SSCS by filling out an online ITE form.  Submitting this ITE does not obligate the student to attend Spacious Skies, nor does it guarantee admission.