Employment Opportunities

Business Office Manager

The mission of the Business Office Manager is to create a fluidly functioning environment for all stakeholders through the effective management of all logistics and adherence to regulations. This is done by: managing all facility support services staff (Facilities Manager, Lunchroom, Before/After School, Front Office), driving reporting that is required at the district and state levels, executing on schedules and scheduling, maintaining HR files for employees.

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Teaching Positions

Spacious Skies Charter School is excited to announce Kindergarten-3rd grade teaching positions.

SSCS, a Project-Based Learning School, is located at the foot of Pikes Peak in beautiful Colorado Springs. At SSCS, we are concerned with students “developing a sense of curiosity, wonderment, and awe; creating, imagining and innovating; and becoming more metacognitive about what they are learning” (Costa & Kallick, 2008).

We view education as a partnership between the student, family, school, and community and seek professionals willing to invest in our pursuit of excellence. Our faculty enjoys a shared leadership model wherein all staff members are encouraged to contribute ideas and incite positive change.

SSCS is looking for committed, thoughtful, passionate problem solvers who are dedicated to working with children and families of the Pikes Peak region.

Does this strike a chord in you? If you embrace life-long learning, demonstrate maturity, and a collaborative approach to education, we invite you to apply.