Frequently Asked Questions

When will you open?

Spacious Skies will open its doors fall 2018.

What are your school hours?

Our extended school day will go from 8:00-3:30.

Will you have before school/after school options for parents?

Both before and after school options will be available to students.

Will you have special programs (gifted, SPED)?

All children are welcome at Spacious Skies including children with unique learning needs. We will support the individual learning needs of students according to student need and law and as staffing permits.

What will the school calendar look like?

We will follow District 11’s calendar for start/end dates as well as vacations. We will designate our own teacher workdays.

Will you have full-day Kindergarten?

Yes; with the option for half day. Morning Kindergarten will focus on projects, while the afternoon will be less structured.

What curriculum will you follow?

Our project-based approach integrates the Colorado Academic Standards with big ideas in science and social studies. Students will experience learning in mathematics, reading, communicating, science, social studies, physical education, health, and the arts. Technology, creativity, and critical thinking skills will be integrated throughout the curriculum.

What grades will you serve?

In our first year, Spacious Skies will serve students in Kindergarten through third grade. We will increase a grade level every year until we reach 8th grade.

Will you provide transportation?

It is unlikely that we will be able to provide transportation in our first year; However, we will work with families to determine if enough interest exists to possibly make it an option in the future.

Will you serve lunch?


Who can attend Spacious Skies? How do you enroll?

Because Spacious Skies is a public school, all children are welcome. To enroll, fill out an “expression of interest” form (online or hardcopy). Once classes are filled to capacity, all students’ names will go on a waiting list and a lottery system will be used to determine enrollment.

How big will class size be?
K-2 will have classrooms of 20 students; 3-5 will have 23 students and 6-8 will have 26 students.
How old do students have to be to enroll?

Students will have to be 5 by August 1 st to enroll for Kindergarten, 6 by August 1st to enroll for 1st grade, etc.

What makes a charter school different from a public school?

“A charter school in Colorado is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members as a semi-autonomous school of choice within a school district, operating under a contract or ‘charter’ contract between the members of the charter school community and the local board of education. In a charter school, each student, parent and teacher chooses to be there.”
(Colorado Department of Education)