Spacious Skies Charter School is supported by:

Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR)

SSCS is partnering with COPPeR to bring arts and artists to students. Artists will work with students and teachers to bring quality arts education to SSCS. Artists will also serve as audience members to students’ presentations of projects.


The local news organization will support news-oriented, communications-focused, and weather-related projects.

Neurofeedback of Colorado Springs

Owner, Psychologist Blair Cano, reports that many of her clients are children who feel a level of stress equaled to the stress adults experienced 25 years ago. She notes that the source of much of children’s angst is school related. With Dr. Cano’s guidance, SSCS is committed to creating a quality education for children without high-stakes stressors.

Kairos Insurance

Summer Westerbur is small business owner committed to education equality. The nature of the partnerships with Spacious Skies is still to be determined.

Audubon Dental

This dental practice has committed to providing SSCS students with oral hygiene trainings and materials.

AMK Nonprofit Solutions

Nonprofit consultant Amanda Mayhew Kleinschmidt offers Spacious Skies support in developing and implementing a fundraising plan.

Blackbird Outreach

Andi Van Gogh, Executive Director, is working with Spacious Skies to develop a trauma-informed school. Ms. Van Gogh has already assisted one of our potential parents.

Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs

Anthony Perez, Steve Sanchez and other board members offer resources and guidance in our shared commitment to serving Latino families in the Pikes Peak region.

Skirted Heifer / Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria

Owners Suzette and Kevin Megyeri are long-time Colorado Springs residents and District 11 graduates. They are committed to supporting Spacious Skies through consistent fundraising efforts.


Lissanna Follari, in her capacity as Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Inclusive Early Childhood Education, is committed to collaborating with Spacious Skies “to reciprocally support Spacious Skies with access to tailored professional development, student interns, and new highly qualified licensed teachers through our growing completer and alumni base.” Dr. Follari has expressed interest in the development of a Spacious Skies as a Professional Development School.